Grades 8-12

FESAZ: Field Ecology Studies for Aspiring Zoologists

This summer, Potter Park Zoo is offering an introduction to animal research and health in zoos to budding zoologists entering grades 8 through 12. Check out the descriptions below to see some of the great opportunities students will get in each program! These unique experiences will be limited to 16 students per class, so register today!

FESAZ: Animal Behavior- July 24-28 or Aug 7-11

Have you ever wondered why animals vocalize? Or why they move the way they do? This class will introduce students to basic concepts in Animal Behavior.  Participants will learn about animal behavior through interactive activities, visits with professional animal behaviorists, and observing animals at the zoo.

FESAZ: Animal Health- July 24-28 or Aug 7-11

Join us for an exploration of animal health here at Potter Park Zoo.  We will be learning some of the basics of animal anatomy and how animal bodies work. Discover how and why our veterinarians do what they do through hands-on lab simulations. Learn how veterinary medicine and animal care play a critical role in keeping our animals happy, healthy, and safe from extinction!