Grades 8-12

FESAZ: Field Ecology Studies for Aspiring Zoologists

This summer, Potter Park Zoo is offering two exciting high school programs aimed at budding zoologists entering grades 8 through 12. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice observational research skills and data analysis used by zoologists in the field. These unique experiences will be limited to 16 students per class.

FESAZ: Animal Ecology

How do animals use their exhibits to their advantage? In what way do animals interact with the zoo environment and in their native ecosystem? Young and talented aspiring zoologists (that’s YOU!) will examine environmental factors that affect the animals. Data from our Potter Park Zookeepers about the animals will be examined to aid your understanding of the animals’ lives.

FESAZ: Animal Behavior

What does an animal do all day? Without video games and smart phones, there have to be some activities animals do to stay busy. Following the scientific process, aspiring zoologists (hey, that’s YOU again!) will observe animals to analyze their behavior. Visits by professional zoologists and zookeepers will enhance your experience in this program by sharing their own research. Sounds better than any smart phone app, right?