Grades 1-2


Creature Power!- June 19-23

Owl flight and Lion Roar! Penguin dives and Eagle soar! Our creatures have some AMAZING powers!   During our one week mission, we’ll explore some of the incredible abilities our animals use to leap, glide, hide, and hunt in the wild and see how we stack up when we test our own incredible creature powers!

Dr. Zoo-euss- June 19-23 or July 31- Aug 4

We've got all sorts of things here at Potter Park Zoo. We've got lions and tigers and snow leopards too! But the one thing we don't have (It's sad, but it's true), is a super fantastic great kid just like you!  So hurry and join us! We're sure you'll have fun, as we craft and we play in the zoo in the sun!

It’s Not Easy Being Green- June 26-30

Creepy, crawly, slithery, slimy…we’ll explore the world of amphibians and reptiles in this one week adventure. Be prepared to jump right in and get muddy as we explore where these creatures live, what they eat (Bugs! Ew!), and how they get around.

All in the Family- June 26-30   FULL!

Mobs of meerkats, ambushes of tigers and waddles of penguins…oh my! Get ready to dive into the wildest of families—the moms, dads and kids of the animal kingdom! With All in the Family, we’ll explore a variety of behaviors of animal families.

Welcome to My House- July 17-21

Just like our houses, animals live in homes of all different shapes and sizes: burrows, nests, dens, caves and more! See how our animals live here at Potter Park Zoo and in the wild. Then, take a shot at building your very own animal house!

Wild for Art- July 17-21  FULL!

You’ve painted, used a crayon or marker before, right? Did you know that our animals have their own way of doing art right here at Potter Park Zoo? From penguins to porcupines, animals come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors! Come be inspired by the natural beauty of our animals and create your own fantastic pieces of art. 

Sense-ational Zoo- July 24-28

Is that snake really sticking its tongue out at me? It just might have something to do with the wonderful ways that animals see, hear, smell, touch and taste their environment. We’ll have a sense-ational week as our five senses are fully engaged while discovering how animals perceive the world and solving mysteries about animal behavior. So ssssstick with us and you just may get the answer to that snake question!

A Bug’s Life- July 24-28

Do you love creepy crawlers, hoppers, or flyers? Come join us for a week long safari exploring the crazy, colorful, and creepy world of insects!  We’ll use our explorer skills to find insect homes, learn to identify some common Michigan insects, and discover how insects interact with many of our animals at the zoo!

Discover Your Spirit Animal, Jr- July 31- Aug 4

Ever wonder which member of the animal kingdom best conveys your wild soul? Ever felt like a wolf on the hunt, or a raven flying high? Come discover how the Native Americans felt about the animals among them and learn about your spirit animal through a week of fun crafts, games, and zoo exploration. 

Now You See Me- Aug 7-11

Our animal fashionistas are dressed in many colors, shapes, and patterns. Some are flashy; others just like to blend in. Come take a closer look at these animal coverings and discover why each is dressed perfectly (even if you think they could use a fashion make-over).  

Super Animals- Aug 7-11

Animals have super powers that help them in their everyday survival! What’s faster than a speeding cheetah? Quieter than your quietest whisper? Able to eat a toxic bug in a single gulp? Come explore some of these incredible animal talents at Potter Park Zoo!

Just Like Me- Aug 14-18  FULL!

Have you ever thought you were like a lion? Well you may not look much like the king of the jungle, but if you look a little closer you’ll see that you’re really not that different! You’ll learn about how animals are just like humans—we’re animals too, you know? Find out how animals use their eyes, ears, and noses to explore the world around them, how they live together in families, and how they eat, sleep and play just like us!

What’s for Lunch?- Aug 14-18  FULL!

Anyone up for a hearty helping of mashed meal worms? If not (don’t worry, we aren’t a huge fan either), come discover how animals find food in the wild while keeping from becoming food themselves! Venture behind the scenes at Potter Park Zoo to get a glimpse of what’s on the menu this week for your favorite animals—meal worms and all.