Plan a Birthday Party

Year round, Potter Park Zoo is the perfect place to hold your child’s animal themed birthday party. With lots of different options available, no matter what you choose your birthday celebration will be one to remember! 

Dinosaur or Savannah Themed Party Package - $250 (Member Price $225)


Your party includes:

  • Up to 25 zoo admissions, drink boxes and animal crackers 
  • 2 hour use of themed space (Dinosaur or African Savannah) 
       - Parties available Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. 
  • 1 hour interactive animal station 
  • 2 parent-supervised activities 
  • Designated staff host 
  • Themed plates and napkins 


Add a snack to the party...

  • Pizza - large cheese or pepperoni $15 
  • Veggie Tray - $45
  • Fruit Tray - $50 
  • Boxed Lunch $7 (veggie option $8)
       - Add seasonal fruit $1 
  • Ice Cream cups $2 
  • Themed Cup Cakes (special ordered by the zoo from Bake N' Cakes) $2.50 per cupcake 
  • Additional Drink Boxes or Animal crackers $1 
  • Canned Soda $2 


Or an activity in the zoo...

  • Pony rides $3/rider (in season only)
  • Bungie jump $7/jumper (in season only)
  • Seed stick $1/stick (in season only) 
  • Train rides $3/rider (in season only) 
  • 1 hour guided tour $150 (up to 30 guests) 
  • Coloring mask $1.50/mask


Other good stuff... 

  • Additional guests $10 per person (maximum of 30) 
  • Cover your guests parking - $3 resident, $5 non-resident 
  • Gift Shop gift card - available in $5 increments


Reservation Information

For more information or to book a party, please contact Potter Park Zoo, at (517) 342-2702. Minimum two weeks advance reservation required. 

This pricing includes up to 25 individuals (adults and children).  Children ages 2 and younger are not charged. 

Food at birthday parties must be provided by Potter Park Zoo catering services. The only exception to this will be birthday cake, which can be purchased from an outside vendor and brought into the zoo. 

**Please Note: For the safety of our animals, balloons are not allowed at Potter Park Zoo.