Job Shadow Program

What do Job Shadow participants do? 

The shadow will spend a minimum of four hours and a maximum of eight hours following an employee through their normal workday, helping perform their daily duties or observing when an activity requires. Job Shadow opportunities are available with zookeepers and education staff. A limited number of Job Shadow opportunities are available with animal keeper staff. Keepers spend the day educating shadows on animal husbandry and career opportunities and there are limited staff available to do this.

Students will not be left alone with any animal at any time. 

Is there a fee for the Job Shadow program? 

Yes, there is a $50 fee, but scholarships are available to offset this cost. 

When are Job Shadow positions available? 

Job Shadowing positions are available September through May, Monday through Saturday for a maximum of eight hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a 1/2 hour lunch). 

Job Shadow Applicant Requirements:


  • Candidates must be a minimum of 13 years of age and currently enrolled in high school or college to participate in the Job Shadow Program. 
  • The shadow must adhere to program rules and policies, be responsible, and exhibit good judgment and common sense. 
  • Written permission from the shadow's parent/guardian is required before students can participate in the Job Shadow experience. 
  • Shadows must provide proof of a negative Tuberculosis test within the year prior to the scheduled shadow date. 


Job Shadow candidates can apply here.