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Farewell, Whispering Giant

Yesterday was a bittersweet day as we said goodbye to Whispering Giant, the iconic Native American statue at PPZ.

Boo at the Zoo Wrap

For the past few years, our visitors have expressed how much they love Boo at the Zoo, which is great because it’s one of our favorite events to put on here at PPZ!

World Rhino Day

Did you know that rhinos have existed on Earth for over 50 MILLION YEARS?!

Well, now you do.

Zoo Closes at Noon on 9/8/12

Why? So we can set up for the Big Zoo Party! If you are planning a trip here, just arrive before noon. As long as you don’t mind our party-prep commotion, you can enjoy a day at the zoo as normal.

Rhino Scoping

How many people does it take to work on a rhinoceros with a sinus infection?  If you guessed over 20, you’re correct.