World Rhino Day

Did you know that rhinos have existed on Earth for over 50 MILLION YEARS?!

Well, now you do.

The black rhino is one of the most interesting mammals, in my opinion. These animals can look scary given their large size and sharp horns, but they’re actually pretty gentle (unless they feel threatened, of course). These herbivores tend to be solitary and spend most of their day grazing out in the sun. It’s been so cool having Jello and Doppsee here for over a year now. If you haven’t come by to see them yet, try and do so before colder weather begins – they spend winters indoors.

Speaking of seeing them! The third annual World Rhino Day is coming up this Saturday, September 22 and Potter Park Zoo is celebrating in a couple ways.

1) We’re offering special behind-the-scenes tours led by the rhino’s zookeepers. This is a neat opportunity to learn about what it takes to care for these fascinating creatures and maybe even meet one up close! More details and tickets here.

2) The Teen Open Studio over at REACH Studio Art Center has been working all summer on an 8-foot rhino sculpture. It turned out fantastic! Join us as we install the finished product and celebrate the hard work of these art students. More here.