The Return of the Big Zoo Party

It has been a fantastic few years at Potter Park Zoo. We’ve been making great strides in moving our zoo to the next chapter, and our community of PPZ supporters is largely to thank for that. The black rhino habitat (which is almost ready… I promise) is a great comeback of a favored exhibit at the zoo, but it’s just the beginning.

We have a lot of work ahead of us as we look toward our master plan, including an amazing animal care facility and a Great Lakes exhibit with an ecology center that expands our already full classroom capacity. Both of these projects are focused on supporting our mission of education and conservation. In addition they will greatly increase our ability to have a positive impact on both our local and global community.

With that said, it’s a great time to bring back our marquee event – the Big Zoo Party.  

The Big Zoo Party is a chance to mingle with the great people of our community, taste food from a selection of area restaurants and chefs, show off the fancier side of your wardrobe, and sip on a delicious adult beverage… all while strolling through the zoo! We’ll have some top notch and unique entertainment here as well, plus a few new surprises like an exciting live auction featuring some of our animals.

Aside from the good time, the Big Zoo Party is an opportunity to show your support for the past, present and future of our organization. So I hope to see you all at the zoo on the evening of September 10th – and I hope to see some of you embrace the creative black tie.  When I was just an attendee of this event in 2008, I noticed some great stuff like cat ears, leopard print galore and even some literal tails attached to tuxes. Go nuts with it, because after all, it’s a zoo here.