Construction Begins on State-of-the-Art Moose Exhibit at Potter Park Zoo

It’s construction season at Potter Park Zoo and zoo leaders are pleased to announce that work on a new moose exhibit is well underway. This state-of-the-art exhibit took a giant leap forward with a generous gift from the Hal and Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation.

“Receiving a $200,000 matching grant from the Glassen Foundation jump starts our fundraising efforts for this important project,” said Sherrie Graham, Director of Potter Park Zoo. “This generous gift expands every dollar contributed to the new exhibit and takes us an enormous step closer to completing the project.”

Hal and Jean Glassen were avid hunters and lifelong conservationists. They believed so strongly in the scientific management of wildlife they established the Glassen Memorial Foundation before their deaths in 1992 to carry on the goals they worked for throughout their lives.

Potter Park Zoo’s new moose exhibit fits well with one of the Glassen Foundation’s missions to support research and programs aimed at habitat improvement. This isn’t the first partnership between the Glassen Foundation and Potter Park Zoo. Several years ago, the foundation also provided a challenge grant to build the River Otter Exhibit.

“We see this as a great partnership,” said Tom Huggler of the Glassen Foundation. “We see the zoo as a gateway to learning about conservation and respect and care for animals.”

The Glassens resided in Lansing for more than 60 years. Hal practiced law in the community for 62 years. Jean was educated as a biologist and the first woman to graduate from the University of Wisconsin Agricultural School. She was a pioneer breeder in the U.S. of English cocker spaniels producing more than 50 champions under her kennel name, Maple Lawn.

The new exhibit will house Potter Park Zoo’s female moose Willow and male moose Meeko. Both were rescued in Alaska after being separated from their mothers and came to Potter Park Zoo from the Alaska Zoo.

Any contribution to the moose exhibit will now be doubled courtesy of the Glassen Foundation. To donate please visit: