[GUEST BLOGGER]: Morgan Perkins, Charlotte High School

Who doesn’t love animals? I’ve always known that I wanted to work with animals in one way or another, but was never sure how I could learn more.  Thanks to Potter Park Zoo and Eaton RESA, I have been able to advance my knowledge of animals and all the jobs that involve animals. Coming to Potter Park Zoo for class is so much fun! I’ve met a ton of other students who are interested in a career with animals just like I am and we have such a great time! I really like getting the chance to go out with the keepers and see the animals up close and ask questions about the animals and how they are cared for. I am very lucky to get to experience the things I have while taking Zoo and Aquarium Science. Everything from working with the educational animals to meeting the keepers and getting to see what a ‘normal’ day for them is like, and talking to conservation officers. This class is really a great way to get a head start in the animal career field.

Morgan Perkins

Junior, Charlotte High School