Zoo's Favorite Wings Down Under & Camel Rides Open May 31!


This Saturday kicks off Potter Park Zoo’s Wings Down Under and Camel ride attractions. Come be a part of one of the Zoo’s most popular summer events. Wings Down Under features over 200 Grass Parakeets and Cockatiels in free flight. The birds are specially trained and raised in captivity so they are comfortable and very friendly around people of all ages. Get closer to the birds than you ever imagined for just $1 (cash only), guests can buy a seed stick to feed to the birds. Then take a relaxing ride on one of our Dromedary Camels for only $5 per child (cash only).

Don’t miss this chance to interact with these animals like you never thought you would before! Both attractions are available daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more info check out our Exhibits Page Here!

International Migratory Bird Day will also be celebrated, in conjunction with GLCVB's "Be A Tourist In Your Own Town." Admission is free with a "Be A Tourist" passport available at the zoo and many other locations in the Lansing area. For more informaion on the Be A Tourist... event, click here.

Check out our event page for International Migratory Bird Day and Be A Tourist In Your Own Town here!