Michigan Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are an ecological wonder.  It’s easy to take for granted what you live amongst every day, and our focus on the area will show our visitors just how amazing a varied life in the Great Lakes can be.  The Michigan Great Lakes eco-region will take you through a tour of the entire state.  

The Northern Lakes and Forests will give you a look at like in the Upper Peninsula, and will be home to some large predators of our state: the black bear and wolf.  In the Central Hardwood Forests, large oak, maple and beech trees will fill the canopy with seasonal color, and shade the otters, Bald Eagles, owls, and more.  From there, you’ll enter the Michigan Lake Plains and Southern Drift Plains where the ground become more familiar to mid-Michigan residents.  Grasses and flowers will cover a landscape where elk and possibly moose graze.
Black Bear
BeaversThe Great Lakes Learning Center is going to be an amazing addition to your visit to Potter Park Zoo.  Holding 21% of the world’s freshwater supply, the Great Lakes are an environmental treasure.  This building will house demonstrations on the region’s biological diversity, and it’s ecological and social importance to the world.


Michigan Exhibit Topography


Michigan Eco Region