Conservation Center and Event Lawn

This centrally located building will highlight wildlife conservation efforts and provide a place where the zoo staff can teach about animals from geographic regions beyond those developed in the zoo. Animals from tropical environments, such as the zoo’s existing spider monkeys and the golden-lion tamarin (a conservation success story) will find a new home in this climate controlled building. Classes and interpretive displays will connect the Lansing community and its visitors to the world’s conservation needs and efforts. The showpiece of the Conservation Center will be a central changing exhibit which will highlight conservation efforts from around the world, and exhibit animals on loan for a limited duration.

Event Lawn

The event lawn provides a reference point for visitors as they tour the surrounding immersive environments. From it, the gateway to each of the zoo’s environments can be located.  The plaza connecting the Conservation Center and restaurant provides informal seating and a place for small demonstrations and keeper talks and will serve as a staging area for larger events.