Master Plan

Our master plan establishes a new mission and vision for Potter Park Zoo; a new beginning.  It is our guideline for the Zoo’s future as an institution, and it sets a new direction for growth and progress.  Our goal is to improve not just our exhibits and our grounds, but our education and conservation missions, our visitor experience, and our sustainability.  Things will change along the way.  A master plan is a flexible and dynamic document, and we’ll remain agile in order the meet the needs of our Zoo.  

Take a look at what we’ve put together.  I think you’ll be impressed, and excited for what the future will bring at Potter Park Zoo.

New Areas

Potter Park Zoo is located in a pretty amazing ecological area; the Great Lakes.  Our plan is to not only demonstrate leadership in exploring and educating our visitors about the region they live in, but showcasing similar areas from exotic locations all around the world. 

World Map

New Facilities

In addition to improving and expanding our grounds and exhibits, Potter Park Zoo will increase its presence in conservation and veterinary education by providing dedicated new buildings.


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Download the full master plan

How Can I Help?

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Donate – Simple.  We always need the help of our community to reach our goals.