2011 in Pictures and Numbers

Happy New Year from your friends at Potter Park Zoo! We've taken some time to reflect on our highs and lows of 2011 and want to share them with you.

Baby Mandrill at Potter Park ZooLittle Jabari made for a great start to 2011! His birth brought the zoo's mandrill family to four. He's one of only 12 mandrills born in North America in the past decade.


The number of docents in 2011's graduating class, making it the zoo's largest one to date. Find out how you can join this dynamic team here.28 Docents at Potter Park Zoo


4240 Black Rhinos in the WildThe number of black rhinoceros left in the world. On a beautiful, sunny June morning, we welcomed a male rhino named Jello to his new home. The next day, his female counterpart arrived. This marked the beginning of a renewed quest for the zoo; to rejoin the worldwide conservation efforts for these fascinating creatures.


The rain clouds parted just in time for us to roll out the red carpet for the return of the Big Zoo Party! Over 400 guests, Michigan microbrews and wines, local foods and live entertainment made for a lovely night in support of the zoo.Big Zoo Party at Potter Park Zoo


1800 Members on Members NightOur members rock. Nearly 1,800 of them came out to the Members' Only Party - an evening of food and friends to show our appreciation. More about our membership here.


Three bundles of joy arrived in mid-September, and it's safe to say the zoo hasn't been the same since these Amur tiger cubs showed their faces. From the moment they opened their eyes to their first experiences playing with snow and eating meat, Kira, Savelii and Ameliya have been adored all over the world thanks to this webcam.Amur Tiger Cubs at Potter Park Zoo


10000 Students at Potter Park Zoo
The number of students who have participated in the BIG Zoo Lesson. We celebrated 10 years of this interactive learning program at Potter Park Zoo and have garnered national attention for it along the way.


We said goodbye to some of our dearest friends in 2011, including Harley the red panda, a gray wolf named Yukon, Ramir the snow leopard and most recently a 22-year-old lioness named Amboseli. Our hearts are heavy, but we are reminded that part of the circle of life is death. That's why we dug up this video of Amboseli when she first arrived at Potter Park Zoo in 1989.Red Panda Harley at Potter Park Zoo


Puerto Rican Crested Toad EggsPotter Park Zoo partakes in some pretty cool survival plans, including one for the Puerto Rican Crested Toad which is currently a threatened species. 1,200 is the number of tadpoles shipped from the zoo to Puerto Rico to be released into the wild as a result of successful breeding methods by our awesome zookeepers.

We're eager to see what 2012 brings. Community. Education. Research. Friends. Life.

Cheers to the new year, from everyone here at Potter Park Zoo!